Best Features of IPC dealing systems

Best Features of IPC dealing systems

IPC dealing systems

IPC systems Inc has been in business for long providing and servicing voice communication systems. They are known for providing a family of trading turrets which provide essential features for trading. The devices are effective and increase and make communication easy especially for the trading houses.

IQ/MAX Touch                        

The IQ/MAX Touch is software driven with enhanced features offered via the Unigy platform. The features of the device enable for multiple and secure communication. The device can be customized to the required workflow, enabling efficiency. The communications through the device are encrypted for maximum security. With the software based touch, implementation. Changes and training is very easy.

With the open software you can build and use your own applications integrative in the device keeping you up to date. With use of apps you can also lower the administrative costs.

Features and benefits

Spatial audio – with this you can be able to configure the speakers right, left or center which adds audio direction making the communication clear.

Device integration – you get Bluetooth to connect other devices like mouse, keyboard and camera enhancing your experience with the device.

Wide band microphones – the microphones can capture and transmit high quality audio that is crisp clear. There is also an LED light to indicate when the microphone is transmitting. You can also be able to integrate another second microphone of your own liking.

Multilingual –comes with preinstalled multilingual interfaces for teams dealing with different nationalities.

Multi-touch screen – enables easy usability and increases productivity.

Expansion screen – it helps to separate the speakers and the intercom giving you a balanced work experience.

Clear audio call capture – this helps in recording good quality calls and in analyzing and real time verification.

Compliant – can handle up to 34 conversations simultaneously.

Customizable – the user interface can be customized by adding new apps to adapt to changes in the market as they occur.

Compact device – the device is compact saving on desk space which makes one organized and free to work. It is only 19 inches long and 15 inches wide. With expansions and speakers it goes up to  31 inches long.


This award winning device combines the latest technologies and an intuitive user interface to make communications really easy and quick. The product is segmented into three; the base module, speaker module and button module. The speaker module comes with an eight channel control which enables free seating from one user to the next without interference. It also allows for instant playback of audio up to 20 seconds.

The button module has 24 programmable buttons which provide access to lines and navigation of the device. Here you can access directories, favorites, up and down navigation, speed dial, intercom access, intercom directory, function keys and much more. These buttons make the device easy to use and increase the functionality.

The base module contains the core control features of the device. It has the conferencing, voicemail, call history, programming, hands-free operation, automated receipts and much more. It has an  integrated speaker so it can be used for hands-free.

Features and benefits

Desk share – allows users to share aspects of their trading desktops with each other.

Memory – the device has enough memory so that your call data and other information is safe for as long as you need it there.

No visual clutter – you only get the information you need when you need it therefore you are in control and improve productivity. Priorities are easily recognized from the device. You can tell who has been calling for long and who is on hold so that you can work with speed and effectiveness.

One button replay – instantaneously replay the last 20 seconds of any speaker channel.

Compact design – the device has minimum contact with the desk thereby saving space on the desk and maintaining line of sight of the trader.

Advanced user interface – it is able to make communication easy, fast and clear.

Applications – it comes embedded with applications that give the trader instant access to people they need to call. Applications include directories and call lists.


This is a compact turret featuring high end features featuring hoot and intercom, speakers, private lines, voice recording and more. it features 3 TFT screens that make the speaker control panel, button sheet panel and the Edge control panel for Unigy operations.

Features and benefits

Clear communication – using wideband codec the device enables enhanced human speech reproduction.

Power over Ethernet – the device supports power over Ethernet (POE) which enables the device to work from a standard network connection and deploy anywhere in the workstation.

PC integration – with the Edge you can manage calls, directories and other features directly from your PC, increasing your productivity.

Time and date display – the date and time are always displayed on the TFT screen to help you manage time.

Customizable – it can use developed applications to enhance capabilities and meet the preferences of different users.

Define call history that you want – you only display the call history that is useful and meaningful to you.


It makes mobile trading possible. The Omni delivers all the features of the edge and IQ/MAX with the same interactive and intuitive user interface. With Omni you get a PC based soft turret that you can use anywhere. You get local MS outlook integration and 16 speaker channels giving you easy access and clarity.

You can be able to use your USB headsets and headphones. Also you get full directory features and Omni button sheet for easy navigation. The Omni is also ideal for use in offices with different locations to ease communication.


This is a PC based tool that allows full control of the turret to manage calls, directories and speakers and more. It makes it extremely easy and quick to use the IQ/MAX devices, with just a simple click of the mouse. It enables you to use MS Outlook to make calls from your directories. On your PC you can view inbound and outbound calls and missed calls. You can make calls or redial with just a simple click.

With this tool you are able to save time every day and increase control over your work.

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