Today Contact Center

Need effective first contact? 
Need consistent scripting across your agents? 
Need additional bot-Agents?

“Cream easily integrates into any Contact Center environment and becomes a natural extension”

Cream is fulfillment package for Contact Centers. Empowering the customer while leveraging contemporary communication that each of us already own today. Cream can be used in a variety of ways to assist agents’s routine greeting or entire conversation. Such as, apply it for targeting call congestion. By using the online automated Chat, powered by AI which frees up human agents to focus on more technical needs.

                 Cream is to serve their online Customers as parallel first line support. With Cream using the same CRM information as the human Agents, we maintain accuracy and have unified consistency. Cream can be used as a fast datapoint for querying service status. Saving Agents answering time and their Customers’ queuing time, foregoing the frustration of a phone call to an obvious outcome. This is the way today’s Contact Centers should be.