Faxing Just Got Easy

A complete network fax solution that includes all the necessary hardware and software for sending and receiving faxes from the desktop, email, and back-end applications.

OpenText Fax Appliance, FaxPress offers organizations every possible network fax option: desktop faxing, production faxing, fax, email integration, workflow application integration, and tools for developing custom fax applications. Whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise, Fax Appliance is tailored to meet the needs of any organization.
•    Hardware and software included
•    Support for analog and digital environments
•    Integrates with network resources
•    No per user license fees


EASY-TO-USE  Simple use & maintain. Deployed in a matter of minutes

COST-EFFECTIVE  Reduced costs compared to multiple fax machines

SECURE  Multiple security features ensures privacy and regulatory compliance

GREEN  Save money and trees with a paperless alternative to fax machine

World Wide Deployment

The OpenText Fax Appliance was designed for customers worldwide. All screens, including administration screens and notifications, are available in English (USA), English (UK), French, French Canadian, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.

FAQs of Fax Appliance

What operating system does A10x run on?

The A10x family runs on an embedded operating system which has been customized for the Fax Appliance.

Can I archive my faxes?

Yes, all faxes which are both sent or received are archived on the hard drive of the Fax Appliance.

Is Fax over IP Supported?

Yes, when utilizing an analog telephone adapter, connecting one or more standard analog telephones to a digital telephone system (such as Voice over IP) or a non-standard telephone system.

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