Financial trading and banks

Red Box enables you to monitor and record all audio communications to ensure your organisation complies with all regulations. Our solution gives instant resolution of disputed transactions and helps prevent fraudulent claims.
With a long history in providing solutions that exceed the requirements of MiFID, FSA and Pci, our technology and recorders deliver time and again!

Resilient and reliable

The Red Box solution not only records any communications, from trading room telephony, intercoms and interaction data to back-office telephony, VoIP and on-screen information; it captures and stores the data in one of the most established and resilient architectures available. You benefit from a solution that is always instantly accessible and retains records automatically in line with your business guidelines.
With a fully-integrated performance and quality evaluation suite, the solution can expand to your business compliance operations and processes to deliver evidence and finite adherence measurement to regulations and procedures. Advanced functionality offering screen-based recording triggered by on-screen applications or events (such as Web chat), plus the ability to offer audio analytics for automated detection of calls with significance to security, marketing or compliance, enable the solution to meet any requirement.
Moreover, you can have all this in a package unrivalled for its small physical size, ease of administration and access, and low cost of ownership.

Critical for compliance

Our solution is designed with your operational needs firmly in mind, with:
•    Total compliance for transaction recording regulations – Basel (US), MiFiD & FSA (Europe), JSOX (Japan), etc.
•    Complete compliance with business continuity and resilience requirements – Scalable N+1 and Master Slave (1+1)
•    Full integration and compliance with all telephony and VoIP standards
•    99.999% availability (uptime)
•    The ability to minimise liability and adhere to regulations and guidelines with automated retention rules
•    IT-compliant technology that allows scalability, roll-out and resilience for any infrastructure
•    Peace of mind delivered by proven reliability and performance
•    A compliance-aware system that delivers self-checks, alarms and status information direct to system administrators
•    WordnetTM upgrades, support and enhancements for service continuity.
•    Future-proof – hardware-independent software-based solution

A wide range of services

The solution is backed by specialist Red Box services including recording consultancy, solution definition, installation, training, support, maintenance, upgrades, enhancements, relocation, customisation, integration, project management, system health checks and more.

Solution summary

•    Voice recording (all types, networks and infrastructures)
•    Instant call replay to Turret, telephone or PC
•    LAN & audio replay
•    Screen recording (webchat, instant messenger, etc.)
•    Audio analytics
•    Compliance evaluation, providing adherence and quality
•    Remote replay to off-site workers or remote locations

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